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Best of Show Carving

Best of Show Winner
Glen Osburn
2016 Best of Show, Open Winner

Jaleen Vance
2016 Best of Intermediate


Winner 3

Coastal Bend Woodcarving Show
February 2 & 3, 2019
Aransas Pass, TX
Saturday Show Hours: 10-5
Sunday Show Hours: 10-3

Show Exhibitor Rules & Guidelines

Competition entries will be accepted from 1pm to 5pm on Friday February 1, 2019.  Competition entries will also be accepted from 7:30 am to 9:30 am on Saturday February 2, 2019.  COMPETION ENTRY CLOSE AT 9:30 AM SATURDAY.  ENTER EARLY AND AVOID DISAPOINTMENT.  Visit the Registration area first to pay for your entries and to get your entry registration form.

1. Table set up will be from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Friday February 1, 2018. Tables provided are standard 30" high x 30" wide x 96" long with two chairs. Tables must be covered on the side facing the public. Two carvers may share a table. Four (4) carving entry fees are included with each exhibit table. If you have more than four (4) entries they can be entered at the exhibitor fee of $3.00 per carving. No mail-in entries are allowed. All carvings displayed must be 95% wood, no reproductions or castings are allowed. E-Z Wood has its own category. No add-on tables are allowed. Your table should be kept neat and manned as much as possible. Tables and/or exhibits are not to be dismantled until 3:00 p.m. Sunday (NO EXCEPTIONS).

2. Participants are encouraged to have an exhibit table to enter the competition.
However, there are two other options to enter the competition:

a. If you do not have a table but your club has a table you may enter two (2) carvings
per category (four entries included with a club table). Additional club table entries are $3.00 per carving.
b. If you do not have a table and your club does not have a table, you may enter two carving per category. The first 2 entries are $5.0 per entry. Addition are $3.00 each.

3. All entries must be carved and finished by the person entering the carving. IN OUR 2019 SHOW ONLY, WE WILLALLOW 3 YEAR-OLD ENTRIES DUE TO HAVING TO CANCEL OUR 2018 SHOW BECAUSE OF HURRICANE HARVEY.

4. To facilitate proper viewing, security, handling and judging of entries the maximum height of the entry shall be less than 42" AND the sum of the breadth plus the depth must be less than 60" as measured by show officials."

5. Carvings entered into competition must remain on the competition tables until released by the competition officials no earlier than 3:00 p.m. Sunday (NO EXCEPTIONS).

6. In order to maintain a standard of quality for the Coastal Bend Woodcarvers Show, the show organizers, and judges may remove any carving that is objectionable in presentation, wording, bad taste, or inappropriate for a family venue. This applies
to carving entries and carvings on exhibit tables.

7. Class projects and carvings from rough outs, are not eligible for any major awards in the INTERMEDIATE and OPEN skill levels.

8. Within the above rules and guidelines, you may enter two (2) carvings in each show category that you are eligible to compete in. Your signature on any entry form certifies that:
    1) you agree to the above rules and guidelines,
    2) all carvings exhibited or
entered in competition are hand carved by you and are your own         work,
    3) you will not hold the Coastal Bend Woodcarvers, its
officers and members, the Aransas         Pass Civic Center, its agents and employers responsible for any loss, damage, or injury at         this show or otherwise.

9. If less than 3 entries in any of the sub-categories in any of the skill levels carving entries may be combined according to the show officials and the judges discretion.

10. If any sub-category has more than 8 entries the sub-category will be appropriately sub-divided, for example in painted and not painted carvings or any other criteria according to the show officials and the judges discretion.

Click here for a list of the show categories.

The Coastal Bend Woodcarvers Show Committee and the Judges are the final authority. The Committee and the Judges reserve the right to decline to judge any category that has less than three (3) entries, or the entries may be combined with
similar or like categories. Limited use of non-wood materials will be allowed on carvings (i.e., metal feet, glass eyes, habitat) as it pertains to such categories as birds, fish, canes/staffs, jewelry, etc.

SKILL LEVELS: The following skill levels apply. It is the responsibility of the carver to enter the appropriate skill level and category of competition. If you are not sure ask a member of the show committee.

A. JUNIOR: any participant 7 to 17 years old is considered a junior. Class projects and rough outs are permitted, however, age and originality will be considered by the judges. Positive ID, stating date of birth will be required to verify eligibility for this skill level and must be readily available.

B. NOVICE: any participant 18 years or older who has been carving for two years or less may enter at the NOVICE level. Class projects and rough outs are permitted. After winning three blue ribbons or a Best of Novice Award or after carving for two years you become ineligible to enter at this level and must enter at the INTERMEDIATE or OPEN LEVEL.

C. INTERMEDIATE: any participant 18 years or older who has been carving for longer than two years must enter at the INTERMEDIATE level. After a carver has won three blue ribbons in INTERMEDIATE level or BEST OF INTERMEDIATE AWARD
he or she is no longer eligible to compete at this level. He or she must move to the OPEN level.

D. OPEN: Carvers no longer eligible to enter in the NOVICE or INTERMEDIATE levels must enter in the OPEN level. It is a carver's personal choice to enter the OPEN level if he or she feels that their skill level has advanced beyond the INTERMEDIATE level.

The Show Judge will use the following criteria when judging:

a. Creativity: Originality, true to life if applicable, proportions, anatomy, perspective

b. Workmanship: Carving techniques, difficulty of carving, assembly perfection if more than one piece, difficulty of carving if one piece, variety of techniques applied such as burning, detailing, and painting.

c. Detail: Feathers, hair, folds in clothing, skin wrinkles etc.

d. Quality of Finish: Sanding, polishing, painting etc.

e. Final Representation: Impact of carving, selection of base, habitat if any, decorative value, harmony of the carving as a whole.


John Balycat
2016 Best of Novice
John Balycat

Winner 2

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